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Translational science is motivated by the need to provide effective treatments to the right patients at the right doses for a specific disease indication). The term is used mostly in the health sciences and refers to real-time translation of bench science, conducted only
in a lab, to bedside clinical practice or dissemination to population-based community interventions. (Source: NIH)

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ABRCC Researcher Spotlight:


The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ontario, CA

ABRCC Investigator


Dr. Terry Ng is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa and a Clinician-Investigator at OHRI..


Dr. Ng received his Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University and his MD from the University College Cork. Dr. Ng completed Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology training at the University of Ottawa, followed by an advanced fellowship in Investigational Cancer Therapeutics at the University of Colorado, a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centre.


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Dr. Ng aims to improve patient access to clinically relevant and novel therapies. His research has included work on molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy, treatment-related adverse events, and pragmatic clinical trials (REthinking Clinical Trials, REaCT) to optimize real-world standard of care. He is a principal investigator on multiple investigator-initiated studies that have been funded by industry and scientific grants.  He is also a principal investigator and an active co-investigator on several REaCT pragmatic trials, part of a program which aims to answer real-world, pragmatic clinical questions in a cost-effective manner.


About The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is the research arm of The Ottawa Hospital  - one of Canada’s largest learning and research hospitals with over 1,100 beds, approximately 12,000 staff and annual budget of over $1.2 billion. They rank fourth out of more than 600 Canadian hospitals for competitive, peer-reviewed grants from the prestigious Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The focus on research and learning helps to develop new and innovative ways to treat patients and improve care. As a multi-campus hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, they deliver specialized care to the Eastern Ontario region, but the techniques and research discoveries are adopted around the world. Learn more at: http://www.ohri.ca/About/default.asp 


for Translational Research

The important conceptual difference between the two predominant research group approaches used today (a Clinical Trials Group vs. Consortia) is seen in this consortia model.  With its highly experienced clinical scientists, ABRCC becomes involved on an intellectual advisory level with every step of clinical investigation in a breast cancer study. Classical clinical trials groups "just run the study" with the main substantive role being patient accrual.


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